Announcing An Agreement With Finger Lakes Grape Seed Oil

Van Buren Bay Skin Care to Utilize Finger Lakes Grape Seed Oil

To incorporate more local product, Van Buren Bay Skin Care has introduced Finger Lakes Grape Seed Oil into their grapeseed product-based formulas. This would mean that oils from both the Lake Erie region and the Finger Lakes region’s wineries will be utilized in their inventory.

Consumers will be using products from the best that New York growers have to offer. Both oils are 100 percent natural, unparalleled in quality, and completely native to New York State.

Finger Lakes Grape Seed Oil is also highly useful for a number of other applications. Use it for cooking to infuse antioxidants into your diet. Grape Seed Oil helps retain the structure of epithelium cells and nerve cells, which helps combat the early signs of aging. The fragrance-free lotions have this, and a number of other benefits for facial applications.

Utilizing the oils in this way adds a new revenue stream for the various wineries of the Finger Lakes region, as  it allows them to sell product that they previously had to dispose of either outright or as compost, and increases the efficiency of harvests by reducing waste.

Be on the lookout for the Van Buren Bay Skin Care brand at your local wine festivals and tastings, as well as at your farmer’s markets. Help support your local growers, and improve your own well being by trying some our fine products. Van Buren Bay Skin Care sells across the United States and Canada, and looks to bring that broad interest to growers from all over New York State.

“Agriculture, Energy and Environment…Because Our Future Depends on it.”-Finger Lakes Grape Seed Oil